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Cavalor OilMega is a blend of high quality oils known to be high in omega fatty acids. Contains no oils of animal origin.

This blend of oils helps support the bodies anti-inflammatory processed and assists in the boosting of muscle function.

As such it may increase endurance, boost immunity and promote weight gain as well as improve coat quality.

It is a liquid supplement formulated with omega oils designed to supply calories to horses in the form of fatty acids.

What it contains

  • A balanced mixture of high quality oils
  • Corrected balance to account for the generally low Omega-3 diet of stabled horses
  • NAB (Natural Antibiotic) composition of medium chain fatty acids extracted from tropical plants

Feeding Rate Guide

Day 1 20 ml
Day 2 40 ml
Day 3 60 ml
Day 4 80 ml
Day 5 100 ml
Week 2 onwards 50 ml per day


Sprinkle over the feed for a minimum of 30 days, preferably 60 days, and can also be used daily. Peak effect is reached in 6-8 weeks.

2L lasts approximately 33 days, 10L lasts approximately 193 days.

Additional Product Information

Why Oil?

Scientific research has shown that a diet rich in healthy omega fatty acids can improve the general well being of the horse. Within the first few weeks of application horses commonly develop a healthy and shiny coat with a mirror like finish

A diet higher in fat can also improve the performance of horses that engage in long-duration exercise, such as that seen in eventing, dressage, and endurance riding.

Fat is the fuel for slow and sustained power while starches are the fuel for quick and short duration power.

The diet of a competition horse must be an appropriate blend of both types of fuel for the best performance in their respective discipline.

Oil is also a very energy dense supplement that one can add to a horse’s diet in order to pack on the weight.

A single 250ml cup of oil can contain enough calories to meet up to 10% of an average horse’s daily energy requirements.

For comparison, it takes 1 - 1.5 kgs of hay to meet the same calorie amount.

Unfortunately, horses cannot consume large amounts of oil and it is generally recommended that horses only be fed a diet of 3-8% total fat by weight per day.

To best take advantage of fat supplementation in a horse’s diet, it is best to focus on small amounts of high quality fats rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Not just another oil!

Cavalor Oilmega contains a specific blend of oils high in omega-3 fatty acids to best complement the diet of most horses as well as a patented product called Natural Antibiotics (NAB).

NAB is a composition of medium chain fatty acids extracted from tropical plants. NAB has been shown to have a proliferative effect on the intestinal flora of the horse, which improves the feed digestibility and helps stimulate the immune system.

Cavalor Oilmega is also a great source of vitamin E as a naturally occurring nutrient in this oil blend.

Vitamin E helps delay the oxidation of fatty acids, which improves shelf-life without synthetic preservatives.

Vitamin E is also critical for muscle development and repair, making Cavalor® Oilmega a crucial addition to the diet of any hard-working horses.

The high levels of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids work together to create the ultimate support for the bodies anti-inflammatory processes making Cavalor Oilmega critical for any horses suffering from poor joint mobility, gut irritation, poor muscle recovery, or allergies.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Poppy's Coat finally starting to shine (just a little)

My poor Poppy has had a bacterial skin condition for 3 months which has meant steroids, antibiotics and an itchy horse with dundruff. Dull and staring coat.
I used OilMega on advice of the vet and after 3 weeks her coat is showing (like green shoots in spring) the first signs of recovery