Cavalor is the Official FEI Nutrition Partner.
All Products are FEI & Jockey Club Legal.

Ensuring your horse is always hydrated is a top priority.

Especially when it comes to promoting total equine health and performance.

Frequently they refuse to drink when they most need to.

For example; when travelling or during illness.

Electrolytes are an effective method of re-hydration.

They help to replenish lost body salts so that the performance of your horse is never jeapordise.

Easy to administer and absorb, electrolytes are a must for highly active or recovering horses.

They help prevent your horse being at risk of muscle damage, reduced kidney function or colic.

All of which may be are characteristic of severe dehydration.

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  • Cavalor Electrolyte Balance

    Cavalor Electrolyte Balance is a tasty mix of quality electrolytes and vitamins. It has a positive impact on the speed of recovery.

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  • Cavalor Electroliq Balance

    Cavalor Electroliq Balance is a liquid mixture of electrolytes and quickly absorbable vitamins. Use for fitness and help recovery from intense training, competition or transport.

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