Cavalor is the Official FEI Nutrition Partner.
All Products are FEI & Jockey Club Legal.

Muscle supplements serve 2 functions.

  • To building muscle tissue.
  • Help the function of that muscle

To build muscle without simply bulking it up with water needs a quality product.

Fatty Acids and Essential Amino Acids are necessary to maintain a healthy muscle function.

Cavalor Muscle Force is such a product. Used when the horse is in work it helps build muscle.

Cavalor Muscle Fit is lubrication for the muscles. It helps the horse remove the toxic products that exercise creates. It is the perfect product when your horse has muscle soreness

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  • Cavalor Muscle Fit

    Lubrication for the muscles is the best way to describe this product. It works by helping the body rid itself of the toxic products of work that are known to cause muscle stiffness.

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  • Cavalor Muscle Force

    A 100% natural high quality muscle building product that actually helps increase muscle mass (with correct exercise) rather than bulk muscles up through storing water. The results remain when the supplement is stopped.

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  • Cavalor Muscle Motion

    Cavalor Muscle Motion - the first step towards healthy muscle function.

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  • Cavalor Lactatec Powder

    Cavalor LactaTec helps muscles perform optimally at peak times and promotes a speedy recovery, preventing muscle fatigue and keeping your horses supple each day.

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