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Superb Product

My Ginger mare is a very busy person! She is always wanting to move forward which is great but her concentration is sporadic to say the least! Cavalor SoZen has improved her immensely she is more attentive and less over reactive. However, she hasn’t lost her “sparkle” or positive hotness. I am very impressed with this product 😍

Thank you

Could not have had a better service thank you...product exactly as expected and very efficient delivery...thank you...will definitely use again..

Great Product!

Always works well for my guy, he's 20 and sometimes for shows and clinics he just needs a little extra energy to make it through the rides.

Fabulous product.

Poppy's Coat finally starting to shine (just a little)

My poor Poppy has had a bacterial skin condition for 3 months which has meant steroids, antibiotics and an itchy horse with dundruff. Dull and staring coat.
I used OilMega on advice of the vet and after 3 weeks her coat is showing (like green shoots in spring) the first signs of recovery

Excellent product- minimal use maximum results

God send for this winter

Muscle motion

I have used muscle fit for more demanding work situations but I like to feed a supplement for every day repair within the muscles and muscle motion I believe covers this

Really great 👍🏼

I use the SoZen 5 days before competition along with the Take It Easy syringe the night before and morning of. It really makes a difference to how my young horse can hear me in an environment he isn’t yet confident in. Instead of becoming anxious and difficult to ride Its easier for me to help him to feel more confident

Cavalor Take it Easy

Cavalor Take it Easy makes it easy.

Works wonders!

I was recommended to use this product on my veteran horse who had unfortunately been very unwell with colitis.
In short space of time of using this product, I have noticed my horse is absorbing his food better and is gaining weight and the top line he lost whilst he was unwell.
I highly recommend this product and I will continue to feed it to both of my horses to promote a healthy gut!

Mud doc

Perfect cream to aid and prevent mud fever or other skin irritations

Great product

This is a great product helped our pony recover from a narsty cracked hoof really recommended this product

Artitec Joint Supplement

After having success with Pow’red Performance and Energ Shots, we tried the Artitec Joint Supplement on one of our older Show Jumpers. It’s great to have a company that produces consistently good products.
Boxall Stud.

Muscle Force gets my vote in confidence

I am thrilled with the results seen in my 6 year old dressage horse in just a few weeks. The first notable thing was his improvement in self carriage when playing with the more collected/seated movements, then noticeable muscle build on his haunches in particular. An excellent way to help your horses strength/athleticism in conjunction with gymnastic cross training ....without over feeding! I’m certainly going to give him another 6 weeks on this product. He’s very tall, rangey and has a good number of years until he’s fully furnish out. I’m not a believer of over feeding, so this supplement added to his basic rations ticks my box.

Best product on the market

Absolutely amazing products highly recommend


Cavalor ArtiTec Equine Joint Supplement - I Think this is really working. Obviously it isin't cheap but my horse seems greatly improved in his soundness so will be buying some more.

Great product

Brill product really saw a difference after travelling a good few hours he came off very mobile, definitely use it again for long journeys.

Cavalor Kick Up

Excellent service


Really happy with this product, my horse is prone to colic when the seasons change and this has been excellent in help maintaining his sensitive self. Highly recommend cavalor and the products they offer.

Unicorn Standard!

This is by far and above the best joint supplement I’ve used. It is scientifically developed and produced to meet the very highest standards. No going back!

Really useful product- ideal for travelling away at shows and stressful situations.

Gastro Aid Paste

My horse has been on a course of this paste after a very busy end to the summer. He is worrier, once you get past the bravado!! and taking him out of his comfort zone put strain on his tummy. These have made a huge difference and I will use around shows going forward based on the positive results. Thank you - great product

Great product- keeps horses in optimal condition